Picking The Perfect Wedding Wine: 2022 Guide

Picking the perfect wedding wine is one of the most critical parts of an extensive wedding planning list. From choosing your wedding theme and colors to booking a venue and a coordinator, there’s so much to plan in so little time. The last thing you should worry about is selecting the perfect wedding wine. With so many options to choose from, use our guide to finding the best wine to simplify the process and take that added stress off your plate. 

How Much Should I spend on Wedding Wine?

When selecting wine for a wedding, the total you’ll end up spending depends on a few factors.

  • Wedding Guest list:
    • How many people are you inviting? The cost of wine for a wedding with 200 guests will vary significantly from one with 50 guests. Take a tally of the number of guests who will be attending to determine a practical estimate for the cost of wine. Consider the amount of wine that was served at your engagement party, bridal shower, and any other prior wedding activities.
  • Wedding Schedule:
    • What’s the schedule of events for the evening? Will you host a cocktail hour or just a wedding reception? Was there wine served at your bridal shower or engagement party?
  • Wine budget:
    • Ultimately, the cost of serving wine at your wedding hinges on how much you’re willing to spend.

The Best Wines For Weddings

Here are our top picks for the best wines to serve at your wedding. We have listed some great premier picks, affordable wedding wines, our best red wines and best white wines for wedding receptions

What Red Wine is Best for a Wedding?

Here are some great varieties of red wine for your big day: Cabernet Sauvignon – The fragrance of this wine is usually medium-strong, often with a currant aroma. Cabernet Sauvignon’s tannins tend to be more noticeable than its fruit flavors. This red wine pairs well with hearty dishes and is the top pick in America for red wines. The full body of cabernet sauvignon works with beef, duck, richly spiced sauces, marinades and other red meat.

Pinot Noir – This variety has a lighter body and low tannin levels, so it’s perfect for sipping on its own. The wine also pairs well with many foods, especially finger food during cocktail hour.

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Gold Pocket Cabernet-US:
    • Price: $18.99
    • Featuring notes of blackberry, herbs, and licorice, this cabernet pairs well with hearty items like steaks and burgers.
  • The Assist Cabernet-US:
    • Price: $16.99
    • This red is rich in fruity flavors, such as blackberry, and has notes of black currant.
  • Drawbridge Cabernet-US:
    • Price: $14.99
    • This option is characterized by smooth, bold flavors—such as blackberry and oaky spice—and pairs well with grilled steak, bolognese, and well-seasoned burgers. The Drawbridge Cabernet is ranked as a top affordable wedding wine.


Pinot Noir

  • Purple Owl Pinot Noir-US:
    • Price: $17.99
    • With its classic silky texture, this oak-aged pinot noir features notes of black cherry, raspberry, and violet.
  • Pescadero Pinot Noir-US:
    • Price: $19.99
    • The Pescadero has a fruity profile characterized by raspberry, cherry, and spice aromas. It also features a rich, velvety texture.
  • Les Allies Pinot Noir-France:
    • Price: $16.99
    • This French table wine features rich boysenberry and dark cherry flavors with a note of ground spice. You’ll enjoy each sip with a velvety finish.

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

  • Spotlight Sauvignon Blanc-NZ:
    • Price: $19.99
    • The Spotlight is known for its crisp citrus flavor profile with mango, melon, and grapefruit flavors and notes of elderflower and red currant leaf. It pairs well with goat cheese and shellfish. The Spotlight Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Silver Puffs Sauvignon Blanc-US:
    • Price: $14.99
    • This sauvignon blanc features tropical fruit flavors with hints of zesty herbs. It’s a good companion for goat cheese fritters, roasted vegetables, and seafood.
  • Mussel Bay Sauvignon Blanc-NZ:
    • Price: $19.99
    • The Mussel Bay delivers notes of gooseberry, asparagus, and fresh basil. Its balanced acidity and fruity profile make it clean, crisp, and refreshing.

 Pinot Grigio

  • Il Casato Pinot Grigio-Italy:
    • Price: $16.99
    • This dry Italian Pinot Grigio features intense fruity and floral flavors with hints of apple. It has a balance of both body and acidity.
  • Alessandro Gallici Pinot Grigio-Italy:
    • Price: $11.99
    • This refreshing pinot grigio is characterized by its crisp, peach flavor and is the perfect addition to any dinner party.

Sparkling Wines


  • Champagne Jacques Lorent Grand Reserve Brut-France:
    • Price: $59.99
    • This fruity and refreshing bottle is known for its flavor profile of citrus, apple, raspberries, and cream as well as its long finish. Give a toast to the bride and groom with this classic French champagne.


  • Maison de Madeleine Brut-France:
    • Price: $16.99
    • The Maison de Madeleine Brut features a fresh lemon flavor with notes of peach and red apple. The fine bubbles dance on your tongue with every sip.

Tips for Buying the Right Amount of Wine for Your Wedding

You don’t have to break the bank to serve quality wine at a wedding. We’ve assisted for many weddings and have found these tips to keep in mind when it comes to ordering the ideal amount of wedding alcohol:

  • Plan early: When it comes to fine wines, the earlier you order the better, because it’s important to shop around and compare brands by taste before we find the best prices. It also takes time for retailers to ship your drinks from wherever they’re sourced so order early if you can.
  • Try before you buy: The same varietal can taste different depending on where it comes from, grape growing conditions and aging techniques. For example, a malbec from one winery may be very different in terms of flavor to one in another. Make sure you try before you buy!
  • Compare prices of bigger bottles, crates, and cases of wine: Yes, if you are charging per bottle fee for corkage than our advice is to buy a crate or case as it will work out much cheaper.
  • Buy all at once: Placing one large order for all the wine and champagne for your wedding can save you a serious chunk of change. That’s because most wine retailers offer bulk discounts. The larger your order, the larger your savings.

At The Wine Cellar Group, we source boutique-style wines from the top wineries around the world. Whether you prefer a red, white, or sparkling option, we have a bottle to meet your every desire. Browse our Cellar Collection to choose the right bottle for your wedding.


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