Wine Finds: Argentina’s Signature White Wine: Torrontés

Wine Finds: Argentina’s Signature White Wine: Torrontés

By Gail Appleson Special to the Post-Dispatch Aug 14, 2019

When it comes to wines from Argentina, reds made from malbec grapes are probably the first that come to mind. However, Argentina also has a signature white grape variety: torrontés. This grape produces aromatic, floral whites that usually have a moderate acidity, taste of stone fruits and have a distinctive spicy character. The following are examples of sparkling and still styles.

Tapiz NV Extra Brut Torrontés, Mendoza, Argentina

Bought at Wine Merchant, 7817 Forsyth Boulevard, in July for $15.99

Description It’s very unusual to see a torrontés sparkling wine in our market, so coming across this one was a real find. Although it’s labeled “extra brut,” a term that indicates a sparkling wine is drier than a regular “brut,” the Tapiz was not too dry. Instead this nonvintage aromatic wine has fresh tropical fruit flavors along with zesty citrus notes. Made through the same process as real French Champagne, the Tapiz is crisp and delicate with pinpoint bubbles and good acidity. It would be great with seafood.

Alma Andina 2018 Torrontés, Salta, Argentina

Bought at Wine Cellar Outlet, 11553 Gravois Road, in July for $10.00

Description This fresh and fragrant torrontés is made from grapes grown in Salta, a region on the edge of the Andes with some of the highest vineyards in the world. This area is believed to produce some of the country’s best torrontés, and this wine is a good example. Created by highly regarded winemaker Steve McEwen, this lovely and elegant wine is soft and easy to drink. Tasting of honeyed stone fruits with hints of spice, it has a rich mouthfeel and long finish. A fine aperitif wine, it would also pair with seafood and spicy Asian cuisine. Purchased at the St. Louis Wine Cellar Outlet in Sappington Plaza.

Article originally posted for the St. Louis Post Dispatch

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