The 5 S’s of Wine Sampling

The 5 S’s of Wine Sampling

Attending a wine tasting event and want to impress your friends? Read our five tips below on how to taste and thoroughly enjoy your wines!

1. See – Notice the color and clarity of the wine.
Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle to notice the different shades of your wine selection. Does it seem darker or lighter in some areas?

2. Sniff – Stick your nose in your wine glass and smell the aromas.
Did you know that smell accounts for 85% of the taste of wine? Describe what scents you are picking up and listen to what others are saying about their aromas.

3. Swirl – Move the wine glass in a circular motion.
This allows the wine to aerate, which means your wine is becoming more oxygenated. As a result, this gives it a different aroma and a better taste.

4. Sniff – Again!
Smell how the aerating has given it a different aroma; you may notice a small hint of a new scent.

5. Slurp – Make some noise!
Take a small sip from your glass, let it sit inside your mouth, and then slightly swish to cover your whole palate. Notice the different flavors you picked up while sniffing, and question whether the wine is acidic or sweet.

And finally, enjoy! Always remember, there are no right or wrong answers to what you smell or taste, so be open to what others think. Enjoy your company and the uniqueness of each wine!

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