How Many Glasses Of Wine Are In A Bottle?

If you’re hosting any type of party or event, it pays to know how many glasses of wine are in a bottle (and how many ounces are in a glass of wine). This will help you accurately calculate how many bottles to purchase. Whether you’re planning a casual dinner party or a formal wedding reception, you need to know how much wine to serve per person. The last thing you want to do is run out of wine before the party is over or return home with dozens of leftover bottles. 

A standard bottle of wine is 750 milliliters, or 25.36 fluid ounces, which is enough wine for five standard pours or the equivalent to two full glasses. However, not every wine bottle is standard. They come in different shapes and sizes, all of which have different volumes. How many glasses in a bottle of wine also depends on the shape and size of the glasses you’re using. Larger glasses hold more wine than smaller glasses, which means the bottle won’t go as far.

Check out the guide below to learn about the different types of bottles and pour sizes to determine how many bottles of wine you’ll need for your next event.

How Many Ounces Are in a Glass of Wine?

A standard wine pour is five ounces. A standard bottle of wine holds 750 milliliters of wine. Wondering how many glasses are in a 750-milliliter bottle of wine? When you convert 750 milliliters to ounces, you get roughly 25.36, which is equivalent to (5) five-ounce pours.

When it comes to calculating the number of ounces in a glass of wine, it all depends on the volume of the wine glass in question. Different types of wine glasses have varying volume capacities.

pouring 5 ounces in a glass of wine

Wine Bottle Sizes

Here’s a breakdown of how many ounces of wine, the number of glasses, and the number of standard pours different-sized bottles contain. The number of glasses and standard pours is rounded to the nearest half or whole number, and a standard 12-ounce wine glass is used to calculate the number of glasses in each bottle type.

Type of Bottle Fluid Ounces Size Number of Glasses Number of Standard Pours
Piccolo or Split Bottle 6.34 ¼ of a standard bottle ½ 1
Demi or Half Bottle 12.68 ½ of a standard bottle 1 2 ½
Standard Bottle 25.36 1 standard bottle 2 5
Magnum Bottle 50.7 2 standard bottles 4 10
Double Magnum Bottle 101.4 4 standard bottles 8.5 20

various wine bottle sizes - how many glasses in a bottle of wine?

Types of Wine Pours

Not only are there different-sized bottles and wine glasses, but there are also different types of pours to consider when calculating the number of wine bottles needed for a given occasion. Learn more about the different types of wine pours below.

Standard Wine Pour

  • Number of Ounces: The FDA, USDA, and CDC all recommend the standard wine pour, which is five fluid ounces. This leaves ample room in the glass for proper aeration and swirling.
  • Occasions: Standard wine pours are used for everything from eating out to weddings and other special events. If wine is being served, chances are the server is using a standard pour.
  • Wine Types: Reds and whites

Wine Tasting & Wine Flight Pours

  • Number of Ounces: The typical wine tasting or wine flight glass contains two ounces. Most wine tastings include four to six different types of wine to try, which is equivalent to roughly two standard pours.
  • Occasions: Wine tasting and wine flight pours are used primarily for wine tastings, cheese and wine pairings, catering sampling, and eating out.
  • Wine Types: Any type of red, white, rosé, or sparkling wine

wine flights

Low Alcohol Wine vs. High Alcohol Wine Pours

  • Number of Ounces: The pour size differs between low-alcohol and high-alcohol wines. ABV (alcohol by volume) measures the alcohol content in a bottle of wine, which is expressed in a percentage. A five-ounce pour is typical for high-alcohol wines, like reds. A six to 11-ounce pour is typical for low-alcohol wines, like whites.
  • Occasions: Low and high alcohol pours are used for any occasion, like birthday parties and dinner dates.
  • Wine Types: Red and sparkling wines are associated with high alcohol pours, whereas white and rosé wines are associated with low alcohol pours.

Sparkling Wine Pour

  • Number of Ounces: One sparkling wine pour contains four to four and a half fluid ounces due to their relatively high ABV.
  • Occasions: Sparkling wine pours are common for wedding receptions, anniversary dinners, and graduation parties.
  • Wine Types: Prosecco and Champagne are the most common wines associated with the sparkling wine pour.

sparkling wine pour - how many glasses in a bottle of wine?

Sweet Wine Pour

  • Number of Ounces: Other than wine tasting and wine flight pours, the sweet wine pour—which is typically three fluid ounces—contains the smallest volume of wine. That’s because sweet wines have such a high sugar content that they can’t be consumed in large amounts. Most sweet wines are dessert wines, which can be enjoyed alongside a decadent dessert or on their own.
  • Occasions: Sweet wine pours are used to serve dessert wines at dinner parties, birthday parties, and everything in between.
  • Wine Types: Sweet wines can be anything from Moscato to Riesling.

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