What Is Sweet Wine? Complete Guide & Wine Sweetness Chart

Whether you’re just stepping into the world of sweet wine or looking for something new to try, we’re here to help! Discover the best types of sweet wine and check out the wine sweetness chart below to find your perfect bottle.

What Are the Different Types of Sweet Wines?

From red to white to sparkling, every wine varietal is brimming with sweet options. Explore some of our top-selling bottles of sweet wine to find one you like.

Sweet Reds

Sweet Whites

Sweet Sparkling

Wine Sweetness Charts

Follow our wine sweetness charts to help you decipher between sweet and dry wines.

Red Wine

Extra Dry Dry Sweet Extra Sweet
Cafe Zoetrope Cabernet Sauvignon:

Full of rich, fruity flavors like black currant and plum

Il Casato Red Blend:

Well-balanced red berry flavor with hints of violet

Cinta Lambrusco:

Aromas of orange blossom, mandarin, cherries, violets, and watermelon

Prime’s Tawny Port:

Smooth, red fruit aroma with hints of wood and vanilla

Amelior Cabernet Sauvignon:

Black currant and dark fruit flavors with notes of mocha and coffee bean

Buena Vista The Daredevil:

Dark berry flavors mixed with notes of dark cocoa

Johnny Q. Shiraz:

Versatile flavor for any occasion

XV President Grenache:

Smooth plum and fig flavors with delicate herb notes

Pagos de Tahola Seleccion de Martin:

Dark fruit and licorice flavors with a spicy vanilla nose and silky, menthol finish

Prime’s Ruby Port:

Smooth, red fruit aromas featuring a sweet yet balanced taste

Ignacio Old Vine Garnacha:

Oaky, dark blackberry aromas with layered flavors of coffee, chocolate, and tobacco

White Wine

Extra Dry Dry Sweet Extra Sweet
Portinho do Côvo Branco:

Citrus flavors with floral aromas

Howling Cellars Chardonnay:

Crisp, well-balanced citrus flavors with a clean finish

Las Vides Moscato:

Distinct floral aromas

Highway 253 Gewürztraminer:

Spiced peach flavor with tropical stone and fruit aromas

Trimboli Salvatore Trebbiano:

Creamy, citrus flavors

Tussock Jumper Riesling:

Fruity, flowery aromas with mineral elements and a crisp, refreshing finish

Les Allies Burgundy Chardonnay:

Apple and herb flavors finished with chalk and stone aromas and notes of lemon

La Chiamata Trebbiano:

Floral, orchard fruit, and citrus notes with a crispy and fresh finish

Sparkling Wine

Extra Brut Brut Demi-Sec
Albert Lebrun BdN Extra Brut:

Floral fruitiness, crisp acidity, and a ripe aftertaste

Ramiro Cava Brut:

Fresh notes of apple, pear, and lime for a fruity, flower palate

1913 Demi-Sec Moscato:

Intense floral aromas that are light and refreshing

Pignello Pignoletto Spumante Brut:

A crisp, dry wine that pairs well with light dishes

Les Allies Sparkling Brut:

Silky notes of ripe melon, toasted brioche, and mineral with spice accents

What Makes a Dry Wine Taste So Different Than Sweet Wine?

Tannins and acidity determine a wine’s dryness level. For example, a dry white wine or a dry red wine will have more tannins and higher acidity. On the flip side, a sweet white wine or a sweet red wine will contain fewer tannins and have lower acidity. Sweet wines also contain more residual sugar than dry wines.

How Do Tannins in Wine Affect Its Taste?

Tannins make wine drier and more tart. Besides high acidity, acidic wines often contain a high tannin count. If you don’t like extra dry wine but that’s all you have at home, pair it with salty or fatty foods. The salt and fat will cut through the tannins, decreasing their intensity.

Premium-Quality Sweet Wine for an Affordable Price

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