How to Open a Bottle of Wine Properly

Learning how to use a wine opener can be intimidating at first, but we promise it’s not as hard as it seems. Are you tired of being that person who always buys twist-top wine bottles to avoid the embarrassment of not knowing how to open a bottle of wine? It’s time to up your game and learn how to use a corkscrew—the right way. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it may seem. Once you know how to use a corkscrew properly, opening your next bottle of wine will be a piece of cake.

When it comes down to corkscrews, you have three options to choose from: a waiter’s corkscrew, a winged corkscrew, and an electric corkscrew. Let’s cover what each one is, how it works, and step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine With a Waiter’s Corkscrew

A waiter’s corkscrew is your run-of-the-mill, old-fashioned corkscrew that you can find at any restaurant or home goods store. It’s actually the standard wine bottle corkscrew in the restaurant industry.

This double-hinged corkscrew features a two-step lever, a serrated foil cutter (which resembles a small knife), and a thin spiral screw. A waiter’s corkscrew is also affordable and easy to use. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Not sure where to find one? Try the Wine Cellar Corkscrew for a seamless bottle opening every time.

Follow these six steps the next time you use a waiter’s corkscrew:

  1. Cut the foil using the serrated foil cutter. Make one cut along the front of the lid, one along the back, and one along the top to make it easier to remove the foil.
  2. After removing the foil, insert the spiral screw slightly off-center on the cork.
  3. Rotate the corkscrew in a parallel fashion, pushing it straight into the cork.
  4. Rotate the corkscrew six half turns. When finished twisting, there should be one curl left at the top of the corkscrew. The goal is to avoid piercing the bottom of the cork with the spiral screw, as this can cause cork bits to infiltrate the wine.
  5. Position the first lever step on the lip of the bottle, apply pressure, and pull the end of the corkscrew up.
  6. Repeat this process for the second lever step. You should be able to fully remove the cork from the bottle by pulling up from the spiral screw.

Tip: Save the cork in case you need to reseal the wine bottle later!

waiters corkscrew

How to Open a Bottle of Wine With a Winged Corkscrew

While a winged corkscrew is a bit more advanced than a standard waiter’s corkscrew, it’s just as affordable and easy to use. It consists of two metal wings, a spiral screw, and a bottle opener on the end—which you won’t need unless you plan to sip on a bottle of beer along with your glass of wine.

After removing the foil on top with either a separate foil cutter or your hands, follow these simple steps to open the bottle of wine:

  1. Insert the tip of the corkscrew in the middle of the cork.
  2. Stabilize the cork and the bottle with one hand, and use your other hand to rotate the corkscrew to push the spiral screw further down the cork.
  3. Lift the metal wings up on both sides.
  4. Push down the wings with both hands. As you push down, the spiral screw lifts up, pulling out the cork.

opening bottle of wine with winged corkscrew

How to Open a Bottle of Wine With an Electric Corkscrew

An electric corkscrew is the most high-tech option on the market. If using a waiter’s or winged corkscrew still makes you too nervous, you can opt for an electric model. It’s great for beginners because it requires minimal effort and skill.

Pro tip: Make sure the corkscrew is adequately charged before starting.

Then, follow these steps to open your wine bottle with an electric corkscrew:

  1. Use the foil cutter to cut across the top of the bottle. Remove the foil.
  2. Place the tip of the corkscrew on the cork’s center.
  3. While holding the bottle with one hand and the corkscrew with the other, press the button on the corkscrew. This button signals to the corkscrew to release into the cork.
  4. Depending on the particular corkscrew model you have, you will either press the button again or pull up on the corkscrew to fully remove the cork.
  5. Be sure to remove the cork from the corkscrew.

electric corkscrew

Can Wine Bottles Be Opened Without a Corkscrew?

Imagine this.

You return home from the store and start prepping for your long-anticipated charcuterie board and wine night with friends. You grab the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the grocery bag only to discover that it’s not the twist-top you thought it was. How are you going to open it by the time your friends arrive?

Believe it or not, you aren’t the first wine lover to find yourself in this predicament. If you need a quick way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, you’re in luck. You can try everything from hitting the bottle with a shoe to pushing out the cork with air pressure from a bike pump.

When it comes to opening a wine bottle, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Just use caution when trying any of the methods suggested.

group of friends opening a bottle of wine

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