Wine Storage Guide For Your Home

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of storing your wine bottles properly, you’re not alone. 

We’re here to simplify the process with an at-home wine storage guide designed for the everyday wine lover. Take a look to see how you can extend the lifespan and preserve the quality of your beloved bottles.

How To Store Wine At Home

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What Type of Wine Should Be Stored?

Both fine wines and store-bought wines can be stored until ready to drink, but only fine wines should be aged for extended periods. Aging cheaper wines will result in spoiling, and no one wants to drink spoiled wine.

Here are two more tips for proper wine storage:

  1. Store corked bottles in a horizontal position, unless you plan to drink them within a few weeks or months after purchase. Storing bottles vertically can dry out the cork and cause cracks to form, allowing air to seep in and causing the wine to go bad.
  2. Bottles with a cap can be stored vertically or horizontally because they face no risk of excess air contamination.

How Much Wine Do You Have?

The larger your wine bottle collection, the more time and money you should invest in proper wine storage. After all, you need to safeguard your investment.

How Long Should You Store Wine?

The average wine bottle shouldn’t be stored for more than two years. Any longer and it’s likely to spoil. This does depend on the types of wine because not all all wine is meant to age and many wines that you might find in grocery stores and supermarkets don’t get any additional benefit from aging. Here’s a general rule of thumb for storing different wine types:

Storing Red Wine

  • Most bottled red wine can be stored for up to 3 years.

Storing White Wine


Finding Wine Storage That Fits Your Home

You always want to store wine bottles in a dry, dark place to preserve quality and maintain an optimal temperature. That may be a professional-grade wine cellar in your basement, or it may be a humble wine rack in your dining room. There are plenty of wine storage solutions available, so you can choose whatever works best for your wine collection and your home. Here are some popular options to consider.

Wine Cooler

  • A wine cooler helps maintain temperature consistency and offers UV protection.

wine cooler under countertop

Wine Cellar

  • A wine cellar is designed to store various wine bottles for long-term aging.

wine cellar in home

Wine Rack

  • A wine rack offers ample space to spread out bottles for easy access.

wire wine rack

Wine Cabinet

  • A wine cabinet can provide a UV-resistant option for your wine that provides plenty of space for easy access.

Wine cabinet

One reason for storing wine bottles in a dry, dark space is to keep them away from direct light. Both sunlight and fluorescent lights can age wine prematurely, which changes its flavor. Besides storing bottles in one of the spaces listed above, you can take extra protective measures like storing them in a box, wrapping them in cloth, or keeping them in a closet.

Wine Storage Temperature & Humidity

Another key to proper wine storage is finding and maintaining the right temperature and humidity level. Wine bottles last longer in storage when the temperature and humidity level remains consistent. 

Whether you’re wondering what the best temperature is for storing red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine, we’ve got the answers.

How Should Unopened Wine Be Stored?

Store your wine bottles at 45 to 65 degrees in a 50% to 80% humidity range. The sweet spot is 55 degrees and 70% humidity. A temperature any higher than 65 degrees will cause your bottles to spoil, whereas a temperature any lower than 45 degrees will dry out the cork and allow air to creep in.

Similarly, humidity above 80% allows room for mold growth, while humidity below 50% causes corks to dry out and crack, leaving room for air to seep in and taint the wine’s flavor.

Can Wine Be Stored at Room Temperature?

If you plan to drink a bottle of wine within a couple of weeks or months after purchase, storing it at room temperature is fine. But if you plan to save it for a special occasion down the road, it’s best to store the bottle in a temperature and humidity-controlled space.

How Long Can Wine Be Stored?

Are you curious about what the best temperature is for red wine storage? Maybe you want to know how long your white wine will last in the fridge after you open the bottle. We’ve got you covered.

Most wine bottles should only be stored for up to two years. Anything longer than that leads to spoiling. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

How Long Can Red Wine Be Stored?

Unopened red wine stored in a dry, dark place at optimal temperature and humidity can be stored for up to 3 years.

Opened red wine stored in a dry, dark place at optimal temperature and humidity can last a few days, if the bottle of wine is properly re-corked or fitted with a rubber wine stopper.

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How Long Can White Wine Be Stored?

  • Unopened white wine kept in a dry, dark place at optimal temperature and humidity: up to 2 years
  • Opened in a refrigerator: up to 3 days (if properly re-corked or equipped with a rubber wine stopper)

Complete Your Wine Bottle Collection

Now that you know how to properly store wine, it’s time to complete your at-home collection with a few quality bottles. As a leading seller in the boutique wine industry, The Wine Cellar Group has every bottle you need. Check out our Cellar Collection to get started.


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