10 Popular Wine Dupes To Get Your Sip On

Nothing is better than a good glass of wine. And while you may always be in the mood for a glass, your wallet probably isn’t. But that’s okay—here are our top picks for budget-friendly wines that taste just as good as popular, expensive bottles. Find your favorite wine label below along with a dupe to try!

If You Like: Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $110.99

Try: 94558 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Find it here: 94558 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $44.99

Like the Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, this bottle has notes of cassis and a slightly woody taste. Both are made from grapes grown in Napa Valley, ensuring quality and consistency.

Try: Goldstrike Cabernet Sauvignon

Find it here: Goldstrike Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $23.99

Similar to its pricier counterpart, this Cabernet has notes of sweet cassis and smooth tannins, ensuring a bold finish. However, it is a little fruitier than the Silver Oak Cabernet—you’ll taste hints of blueberry throughout.


Main Similarities

  • Black fruit notes
  • Spice

Key Difference

  • Slightly different bodies

bottles of budget friendly wine

If You Like: Cakebread Chardonnay

Price: $36.99

Try: Barrel Notes Reserve Chardonnay

Find it here: Barrel Notes Reserve Chardonnay

Price: $34.99

This Chardonnay is very similar to Cake bread. They both contain citrusy, fruity notes and are the perfect accompaniment to a seafood or poultry dish.

Try: Rolling Valley Napa Valley Chardonnay

Find it here: Rolling Valley Napa Valley Chardonnay 

Price: $29.99

Like Cakebread Chardonnay, Rolling Valley Chardonnay brims with fresh aromas of citrus. It is not as oaky as Cakebread but makes for a great dry wine.

Try: Fine Form Chardonnay

Find it here: Fine Form Chardonnay 

Price: $19.99
Boasting orchard-fruit flavors, light oak notes, and aged in wooden barrels, this bottle is an excellent dupe for Cakebread Chardonnay.

Main Similarities

  • Fresh, fruity flavors
  • Dry

Key Difference

  • Different intensities of oak notes

three bottles of wine

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If You Like: The Prisoner – $30-$70

Try: Rushrose GSM – $24.99

A bold blend of reds, Rushrose GSM is 44% Grenache, 44% Syrah, and 12% Mourvedre. Just like The Prisoner wines, it offers a full body and smooth taste.

Try: Grande Fleur de Lyeth Reserve – $18.99

Similar to The Prisoner wines, this red blend offers a complex taste filled with notes of deep flavor like spice and cassis.

Main Similarities

  • Bold flavors
  • Red wine blend

Key Difference

  • Varying percentages of reds

top draw cabernet sauvignon, rushrose paso robles

If You Like: Orin Swift Slander Pinot Noir – $49.99

Try: DeLoach Private Collection Pinot Noir – $29.99

The notes of ripe cherries and raspberries in this wine are strikingly similar to Orin Swift Slander Pinot Noir. Both wines pair well with gamey poultry, although the DeLoach Pinot Noir has more spice.

Main Similarities

  • Raspberry and cherry aromas

Key Difference

  • Varying levels of spice notes

If You Like: Château Canon Saint Émilion Grand Cru – $175+

Try: Château Rocher Gardat – $35.99

Hailing from Bordeaux , this is a red blend worth trying. Just like the Saint Émilion Grand Cru, this bottle possesses an air of elegance featuring oaky notes and tones of black fruit like plums—but at a fraction of the cost.

Try: L’Épiphanie de Saint- Émilion – $44.99

This red blend is pure Grand Cru quality and has rich notes of red berries with an aromatic floral finish. Although a bit less intense than the Saint Émilionn Grand Cru, it makes for a lovely glass of wine.

Main Similarities

  • High-quality
  • Red and black fruit notes

Key Differences

  • Grapes from different regions

five bottles of wine

Don’t Sacrifice Taste for Price

With these wine dupes, you’ll get all the flavor you want at a price you’ll love. The best part? You can find these budget-friendly wines at The Wine Cellar store locations or order online. Our staff is always happy to help you find new wines to try if you’re shopping in-store. If you prefer to shop online, we can ship to your door or select in-store pickup if you live near one of our locations!

From high-end bottles to affordable, popular wines, there’s a bottle for everyone at The Wine Cellar Group. Explore our variety of wines and uncork something new today!



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