The Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

Find the Perfect Wine Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs say a lot about your personality, your character and your wine choices. If you’re looking to try a wine pairing that is compatible with your zodiac sign, look no further. In this guide, you’ll learn a new way to pair wine that aligns with the stars in your horoscope.


As one of the Earth signs, Taurus has both feet on the ground and is easy going. A soothing spirit like yours is as smooth as a Merlot from a small California vineyard. Loyalty and dependability is just as important to you as it is to a vintner who grows this grape. You both keep it simple, just how you prefer things to be!


Gemini’s versatile nature represents two personalities. This sign’s traits compliment well with a Sauvignon Blanc’s variable taste. While some Sauvignon Blancs may be more floral, others can be more spicy- just like your diverse mindset. Its translated name, “wild,” makes this wine pairing perfect for Gemini’s expressive and unpredictable identity.



Cancer’s familiar qualities of sensitivity and persistence are very similar to the grapes of a Pinot Noir. These hard-to-grow  grapes are easily affected by their environment and need time to warm up to their surroundings. However, once they’ve had time to flourish, their loyalty is unlike any other. Devoted Pinot Noir wine drinkers are equally loyal!


Your fiery and outgoing personality is perfectly complemented by the cinnamon notes and spicy flavor of a Grenache. This varietal pairs well with savory, strong-flavored dishes too! The red color of the wine also resembles your Lion constellation.


The classic, gentle taste of a Riesling is the perfect choice for a Virgo. This sign is also gentle and sweet. When it comes to the Virgo’s practicality, Riesling is a match as the practical choice for wine drinkers. While many wineries try to perfect the Riesling, a Virgo would also argue they’re quite the perfectionists themselves.


Rich, bold characteristics are familiar to both Libras and Syrah wines. In fact, just as Libras strive to make everyone happy, Syrah wines can accomplish the same since they pair well with a large variety of foods.


The well-developed flavors of a Malbec complement Scorpio’s deep personality. Both are passionate, yet balanced. Dedication is also an important trait for both the wine and the sign. The grape of the Malbec is difficult to grow, yet persistent (which Scorpios can completely relate to)!


What’s not to love about a Sagittarius and a Cabernet Sauvignon? Both are what the crowd is talking about, especially because of their versatility and sweetness. Natural attention-getters, their range of characteristics can attract a variety of people.


What does a Pinot Grigio and a Capricorn have in common? They’re both practical and strong leaders. Pinot Grigio is the most popular of the white wine varietals and Capricorns embrace this characteristic by striving to do the best that they can! They’re both very familiar with being successful and popular with a crowd of people.


The free-spirited, independent Aquarius can relate to the bubbly nature of a sparkling wine. Just like an Aquarius loves to solve problems, sparkling wine can easily be a problem-solver too; just pop the cork! The strong-willed Aquarius will not give up until they reach their goal, even if the cork is stubborn to release.


The gentle nature of Pisces pairs well with the taste of a Rosé. They’re both simple, yet sweet. Pisces are known to be charmers; similarly, Rosé’s tends to easily please wine fans. At the end of the day, both are well-admired crowd pleasers.


The full-bodied taste and acidity of a dry red blend is a perfect pairing with Aries’ bold and fiery characteristics. Blends made with thick-skinned grapes are just as determined as you are! The deep red color perfectly reflects your ruling planet of Mars.


The next time you reach for something new, try to pick a wine that aligns with your zodiac sign! With a wide selection of wines, in-store wine sampling, and our exclusive Cellar Collection, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing. Call your local Wine Cellar store or stop by for recommendations.


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