Best Fall Wines To Try This Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to switch up your routine and try some new fall wines. The warm days of summer are dwindling down and cooler fall weather is approaching. With autumn comes cooler days, cozy fireside gatherings, holidays, and warm comfort food. 

This fall, we’re putting the light, fruity drinks on pause in favor of rich, warm blends that will make fall feel like fall. So skip the cider and sip on one of our favorite fall wine picks!

Read on to find out the best seasonal wines for fall.

What Makes a Good Fall Wine?

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Well…not quite. While popular autumn wines do include spicy aromatics, there’s more to consider than seasonal profiles. Red wines are very popular in the fall, but so are bold white wines. The trick is to find a wine pairing that complements the food you’re serving.

When it comes to the fall season, comfort food and holiday dishes are big staples—think Thanksgiving and holiday dinners. We’ve taken this into consideration when compiling our fall wine list. All of our autumn wines make great pairings with the heart-warming food of the holidays and fall season.  

Best Wines for Cooler Weather

Cold weather is finally here! Check out these fall wine recommendations that will make you feel just like you’re wrapped up in your favorite flannel.


Nothing says fall like an oak-aged red. Hailing from Spain, Rioja wine is a labor of love and it shows. Rioja grapes are only grown in specific regions of Spain and take years of aging in oak barrels. Its flavor profile has just the right amount of richness that makes it an excellent, versatile option for food. A bottle of Rioja is a great choice for hearty meals, like casseroles. 

Our Pick: Pagos de Tahola Oak Aged Rioja

Flavor Profile:

  • Ripe plum
  • Raspberry
  • Oak
  • Clove 


Grenache—also called Garnacha—is a classic fall wine! Its notes of spice, herbs, and sweet fruit will warm you right up in the autumn chill. It’s lovely with a hearty stew but equally good as something to sip on next to a fireplace or throughout your next family get-together. 

Our Pick: El Bombero Garnacha

Flavor Profile:

  • Sun-ripe black fruit
  • Red berry
  • Spice
  • Black currant


We’re taking a break from the reds and offering a fresh white wine for fall. Chardonnay pairs great with light meats and poultry. It’s delicious with Thanksgiving turkey or as a complement to apple pie. For fall, select a Chardonnay that comes from a warm region, like Maule Valley in Chile or Sonoma, California. 

Our Pick: Silver Peak Chardonnay

Flavor Profile:

  • Rich
  • Fresh
  • Tropical

Fall Wines Perfect for Picnics, Camping, and More

Here are some wines that are great for fall activities, like picnics and camping. 


Merlot is a fall wine go-to because of its balanced versatility and medium tannins. It pairs great with hearty, rich foods, making it perfect for a holiday meal or an autumn campfire.  Enjoy Merlot’s profile of black fruit and mellow spice on your next fall outing!

Our Pick: La Renarde a Pattes Noires

Flavor Profile: 

  • Fresh plum
  • Bramble fruit
  • Subtle spice


Autumn isn’t just for reds! White wines are a great option for fall activities because of their different, yet comforting, flavor profile. Viognier has notes of peach, tangerine, and honeysuckle flowers in it, making it a lovely pairing with heartier meals like roasted turkey and rich salmon. Take a bottle of Viognier on your next fall picnic and savor its warm, bright flavor profile—it’ll be like enjoying a cozy campfire in the middle of a frozen forest. 

Our Pick: Queen Bee Viognier

Flavor Profile:

  • Exotic lychee
  • Honeysuckle
  • Peach


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