Sparkling Wines: Best Holiday Picks

Nothing says the holidays like a glass or two of exquisite wine. And what better way to toast to overcoming yet another year than by sipping on Sparkling Wine near the fireplace or with someone you love. To be merry, to be thankful, and to best compliment your jovial festivities, you deserve the sparkling wine of the year.

Of course, the regular Prosecco won’t do. This holiday, switch it up with a new and exciting Sparkling Wine—one that’s a perfect pairing for your holiday meal. And we have just the thing. This holiday, switch it up with a new and exciting Sparkling Wine – one that is a perfect addition to your holiday meal. We have put together a list of our top Sparkling Wines that pair perfectly with your holiday festivities.

Here’s a look at the Best Holiday Picks for Sparkling Wines.

Top Sparkling Wines Picks

Domaine B&B Bouche Crémant Rosé

Boutique French Sparkling Rosé 

A perfect bubbly delight for a special holiday occasion.

This Rosé Sparkling Wine is a rich and bubbly combination filled with much character and zeal to make quite a tasty impression. The first sip reveals fresh, red-berry aromas (hints of strawberry, melon, and Rosé), and a pleasantly dry and acidic taste supported by classic brioche characters. With the hints of red-berry comes the delicate, creamy mouthfeel, rounding out the berry allure with a drawn-out, crisp finish.

Imported from France, this rose blend pairs perfectly with holiday specialties such as hors d’oeuvres, shellfish, and even grilled chicken dishes. For the holidays, it’s a pleasant wine to gift or be gifted.

Ramiro Cava Brut


Leaving the holidays on an elegant note, the Ramiro Cava Brut is a remarkable Spanish Sparkling Wine imported from Spain and making the holidays across the world that much merrier.

This Champagne blend captures a balanced and complex taste, thanks to its fine structure and supreme finish with notes of walnuts, butter, and almonds. With adequate carbon bubbles and its intricate nature, this sparkling wine presents a dry and cool taste. For the holidays, it pairs lavishly with baked meat and fish cuisines. The wine’s mature taste makes for a fine holiday afternoon among guests, close friends, and companions.

1913 Sparkling Natural Branco Brut

South Region of Brazil

Imported from the South Region of Brazil, this Sparkling Wine is a brut, meaning very dry, with a sweet delicate vanilla bouquet from aging in French oak.

Blended seamlessly with a fruity aroma, this wine captures a straw yellow color with hints of gold and provides a refreshingly dry taste. Composed of the white grape variety, this wine has a very fine and elegant personality.

As far as holiday wine pairings, there are plenty of delicious eats that complement the dryness of this wine. Fatty meats and cheese pair nicely with the sharpness of the 1913 Sparkling Natural Branco Brut. Additionally, this brut can also provide balance to rather salty and heavy dishes, thanks to its acidity.

Antica Terra Millesimato Sparkling

Extra Dry Millesimato

Imported from Veneto Italy, this Champagne blend is robust in its body, generous, and well structured to the point of aristocratic.

With a faintly transparent color and the subtle aroma of citric fruit, the first taste presents a very light, low acidic structure. Perfect for easy drinking, this bubbly wine makes for a warm night with loved ones.

For holidays, the extra dry Millesimato pairs excellently with an aperitif or cocktail and goes especially well with appetizers and first courses, seafood toppings, fish, and desserts of every kind.

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