3 Ways To Be a Sustainable Wine Enthusiast

It’s time to make your wine-drinking experience even better. How? By practicing sustainability. Sustainable wine starts at the vineyard and ends with the customer. That’s why The Wine Cellar Group makes it easy for people to be sustainable wine enthusiasts. Read on to discover why wine sustainability matters and three ways to practice it, including wine cork recycling, sustainably grown wine, and reusable wine totes.

Sustainable Wineries

Being sustainable when it comes to wine is all-encompassing. It begins with growing environmentally sound wine. Sustainable vineyards must adhere to eco-friendly irrigation practices, limit or avoid pesticide use, and more. Additionally, many wineries strive to be approved by sustainability certification programs. 

Then, it lies on the customer to continue the practice of wine sustainability. This means opting for organic wines when shopping, participating in a cork recycling program, or even repurposing old wine bottles. 

Wine sustainability is important because it can help conserve water, protect air quality, maintain healthy soil, and is better for the environment. When it comes to sustainability, there is a bigger picture at stake: the condition of the earth we grow our grapes on. Even small changes like being a conscious wine consumer can help protect our planet.

Eco-Friendly Wine Practices

Ready to become a sustainable wine enthusiast? Here’s how to go green:

1. Recycle Your Wine Corks

Most people toss their cork in the trash after finishing a wine bottle—which doesn’t do anything to help the environment. Instead of throwing them away, consider repurposing your wine corks or participate in cork recycling!

Cork recycling helps limit waste, and cork can actually be made into flooring tiles, insulation, footwear, bulletin boards, and more. However, you can’t recycle any old cork. Keep a lookout for wine corks that are agglomerated, twin-top agglomerated, or one-piece natural (these are perfect for recycling).

The Wine Cellar Group is proud to partner with recycling initiative ReCORK to help make it easy for wine enthusiasts to recycle their corks. All Wine Cellar store locations are official cork collection drop-off locations. So just gather your natural wine corks to drop off and come pay us a visit!

wine corks to recycle

2. Sip Sustainable Wine

Organic wines are made from organically farmed and grown grapes. There is no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, making these wines environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Wine Cellar Group offers a lovely extensive selection of organic wine. All wines offer the quality you have come to expect from The Wine Cellar Group, with the added benefit of being sustainable. So feel free to sip away, knowing that the wine you drink helps protect the environment.

Amore Organic Red Blend 

Flavor Profile: Warm spices and fresh fruit with a long and smooth finish

Amore Organic White Blend 

Flavor Profile: Fragrant hints of yellow fruit containing fine aromatic notes

Amore Organic Rosé 

Flavor Profile: Ripe yellow apple, hints of ginger, and sweet floral notes with a long, energetic finish

Tussock Jumper Malbec 

Flavor Profile: Blackberry and raspberry aroma with light overtones of coffee and a spicy oak finish

Chaval Red Organic

Flavor Profile: Raspberry and floral notes with hints of blackcurrant and plum

Chaval White Organic 

Flavor Profile: Notes of crisp apple and ripe pear with hints of sweet florals

3. Use A Reusable Wine Tote

When you’re buying wine, the last thing on your mind is how you’re going to carry it. But how you carry your wine matters. When you shop at one of The Wine Cellar’s locations, you’ll get a free, reusable tote bag with your purchase. You can bring it in and refill it the next time you shop or use it for everyday necessities. Using reusable totes instead of plastic bags helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing non-biodegradable waste.

reusable wine tote bag from the wine cellar group

With The Wine Cellar Group, wine sustainability has never been easier! So pour up a glass, and let’s toast to protecting our planet one wine bottle at a time.

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