Maison Noir Wines: A Black-Owned Winery You Should Know

Bold, blunt, and a little punk rock. In honor of Black History Month, we are pleased to introduce Maison Noir Wines—a black-owned winery churning out unique garage wines at affordable prices.

Making Wine For the 99%

Inspired by the punk, hip-hop, and skateboard apparel scene of the 1990s, Maison Noir has made its mark as a garage wine staple. These wines were initially created for some of the best restaurants in New York City, creating the perfect wine pairings for food. Today, Maison Noir Wines is available nationwide.

The Man Behind Maison Noir Wines

Maison Noir Wines is the brainchild of André Hueston Mack. Before imagining Maison Noir, Mack worked as a sommelier in San Antonio before garnering recognition as the Best Young Sommelier in America. This prestigious award propelled him to work at The French Laundry in Yountville, California.

In 2007, his very own Maison Noir Wines was born. Mack shares his love of wine by educating others through seminars and discussion panels in McMinnville, Oregon.

4 Wines To Celebrate Black History Month

There’s a lot to celebrate in February—especially honoring the struggles and triumphs of African American people. In the spirit of Black History Month, The Wine Cellar Group would like to introduce you to four Maison Noir wines we think you’ll love.

Maison Noir O.P.P. – Other People’s Pinot Gris

Mack likes to consider this wine as happiness in a bottle. Other People’s Pinot Gris is a fresh, delightful blend of apples, pears, and peaches poured and packaged under one cap.

Maison Noir Other People’s Pinot Noir

Other People’s Pinot Noir is an earthy, spicy, floral-flavored wine with hints of cherry and ginger wood spice. This wine stays true to its roots from the vineyards of the Willamette Valley.

Maison Noir Love Drunk Rose

Viewing the world through rose-colored glasses is guaranteed after a few sips of Love Drunk. This Rosé is a stimulating blend of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon rind, and kiwi.

Maison Noir Knock On Wood Chardonnay

All things come to those who wait. Knock On Wood is a Chardonnay that has undergone a two-month-long fermentation process. This hard-hitting wine makes waves with its honeydew and pear perfume with a starfruit finish.

Maison Noir Wines at the Wine Cellar Group

We’re proud to offer Maison Noir Wines at the Wine Cellar Group. Explore our extensive wine collection and discover the perfect bottle for you.

Maison Noir Wines Love Drunk Rose


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