The Best Wine Gifts & Wine Accessories

The wine lovers in your world deserve to be treated with something special. And there’s plenty of gifts for wine lovers to indulge in. From sommelier-approved glassware to wine gift baskets, there’s a wonderful array of unique wine gifts and wine accessories that your most cherished wine enthusiast will enjoy. Pick up a bottle of their favorite wine along with a gift to inspire a rich wine experience. Here’s a list of the best gifts for wine lovers this holiday season. 

CorkPOPS Wine Opener

Opening wine has never been so fun or easy with this CorkPOPS accessory! Put a pop of fun into opening your bottles of wine! It’s easy to use – no pulling, twisting, or broken corks. Each Cork Pops wine opener comes with a low-pressure gas cartridge that gently pops the cork from your bottle while also aerating the wine inside. And, you can purchase online from The Wine Cellar Group!

State-Shaped Wine Cork Holder

One person’s bottle corks is another person’s treasure. Preserve your bottle corks and make them a work of art with a birch wood cork holder in the shape of all 50 states. This is a fun way to use your bottle corks and makes a great accent piece to any room. 

Wine Tasting Journal

Every wine enthusiast should have a wine tasting journal. And whether the wine lover in your life is just getting started or has been collecting wine for years, the wine tasting journal will make an excellent gift choice. Gather notes of your wine tasting experience like a pro. For the holidays, improve your palate with a wine tasting journal. 

Electric Bottle Opener 

Struggling to wiggle a corkscrew out of a bottle is never fun. Make tasting wine more enjoyable with an electric bottle opener. Wine lovers will appreciate an electric bottle opener that allows them to open their wine bottles in a seamless motion. This means less time stressing over the bottle and more time drinking it.

Local Wine Store Gift Card 

A gift card to a local wine shop is perfect for any wine lover! The recipient can enjoy shopping for new wines to try or pick up a bottle from their favorite label. Plus, this gift idea supports local business and lets someone discover a new go-to wine store in their town!

Wine Bottle Glass

There are just those days when a wine lover needs more than a glass. Treat your wine enthusiast with a large wine bottle glass. This giant wine bottle glass holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine so you never have to worry about returning to the kitchen for refills. 

Wine Stakes

For something stylish, trendy, and fun, these wine stakes remain secure and won’t tip over easily. Wine stakes are perfect for picnics, backyard barbecues, beach activities, and more.

Wine Folly Glasses

Sometimes, less is more. Nothing beats a top-tier wine glass—one that’s sommelier-approved. Gift the wine lover in your life with a classic Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glass. This wine folly glass not only looks nice but by design, it improves the flavors of all the wines. 

Snacks & Wine Tote Bag

Everyone needs a giant tote bag to discreetly carry their wine and snacks on their way to a friend’s house for wine night. A snacks and wine tote bag is a fun gift to give a wine lover in your friend group. 

Shower Wine Glass Holder

Shower beers are so yesterday.  Decompress and drink your wine at the same time. A shower wine glass holder is a fun gift we’re sure the wine lover in your life will appreciate. 

Wine Organizers For Your Fridge

A simple gift wine lovers will thank you for. Surprise a wine enthusiast with a wine organizer for the fridge. We all know how frustrating it is trying to fit multiply bottles of wine in your fridge. Fortunately, there’s a wine accessory that helps you stay more organized. 

Wine Gift Set

And of course, the best gift you can give your wine lover is, well, wine! There are so many things you can do with a wine gift basket. Purchase a wine basket of your choice, such as a 6 Bottle ‘Cellar Select’ Sparkling Holiday Gift Set that includes 6 different sparkling wines. Of course, sparkling isn’t the only option. From sparkling to reds, and even a mixture of them all, explore the many wines you can give your wine lover as a gift. These gift sets even come with stemless wine glasses and a black platinum corker. 

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