Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Wine Lover

Give your Dad the gift of a well-deserved break this Father’s Day with something fun to crack open—and no, we’re not talking about another pack of golf balls or a shaving kit. Instead, The Wine Cellar Group has some father’s day gift ideas for what Dad really wants—a little wine time.

The Best Wines for Father’s Day 2022

Some Dads wear suits. Some Dads wear boots. Some love sports, and others love to cook. 

What’s the one thing these Dads all have in common? They’re all uniquely your Dad. The man that taught you how to ride a bike and get back up every time you fell. The man who taught you how to take your first steps and stood by your side as he walked you down the aisle. The man who is now a proud Grandpa—or even a Great-Grandpa. Your Dad deserves a round of applause—and a glass of wine

Let’s find out how you can choose the best wine for your pops based on his life passions. 

For the Dad Who Loves to Camp

Your Dad is quite the outdoorsman. He enjoys the rugged wilderness and fresh air as much as he can and loves to make cowboy coffee over a crackling campfire. Opt for the rich and smooth dark cherry and subtly spicy flavor of Howling Cellars Pinot Noir for Dad’s weekend in the wild.

For the Dad Who Loves to Golf

Okay, maybe a box of golf balls would suffice in this case for your golf enthusiast Dad—but it would be much better paired with a bottle of fine wine. Celebrate Dad’s hole-in-one with a crisp and fruity Between the Vines Chardonnay after he leaves the fairway.

For the Dad Who Loves to Cook

Remember waking up to Dad’s pancake breakfast? How about that home-cooked dinner Dad made for the whole family? Your Dad enjoys expressing his love through a good meal—so express your love by gifting Dad a bottle of the finest food-friendly wine around, the Pioneering California Chardonnay. Pair this pleasing, aromatic wine with cheeses and roasted meaty bites. To make it extra special, wrap it all up in an easy DIY wine gift basket!

For the Dad Who Loves to Grill

Your Dad is a self-proclaimed grill expert—and rightfully so. Dad’s been grilling like a champion since you were a kid. Your Dad has always made the summer holidays and warm weekend nights memorable with his family-famous burgers and steaks—so give him a wine that a true pit master will appreciate this Father’s Day with the full-flavored Top-Vintage Paso Robles Merlot.

Wine Accessories For Simple Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day bottle tie and suspenders


CorkPOPS Wine Opener

Save your dad from the struggle of opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew (we’ve all been there). Opening wine has never been so fun or easy with this CorkPOPS accessory! Put a pop of fun into opening your bottles of wine! It’s easy to use – no pulling, twisting, or broken corks. Each Cork Pops wine opener comes with a low-pressure gas cartridge that gently pops the cork from your bottle while also aerating the wine inside. And, you can purchase online from The Wine Cellar Group!

Electric Bottle Opener

Struggling to wiggle a corkscrew out of a bottle is never fun. Make tasting wine more enjoyable with an electric bottle opener. Wine lovers will appreciate an electric bottle opener that allows them to open their wine bottles in a seamless motion. This means less time stressing over the bottle and more time drinking it.

Local Wine Store Gift Card

A gift card to a local wine shop is perfect for any wine lover! The recipient can enjoy shopping for new wines to try or pick up a bottle from their favorite label. Plus, this gift idea supports local business and lets someone discover a new go-to wine store in their town!

State-Shaped Wine Cork Holder

One person’s bottle corks is another person’s treasure. Preserve your bottle corks and make them a work of art with a birch wood cork holder in the shape of all 50 states. This is a fun way to reuse your bottle corks and makes a great accent piece to any room.

Find Dad’s Perfect Wine in Our Cellar Collection

Make Father’s Day this year as memorable as the moments that Dad made special for you. The Wine Cellar Collection has over 500 exceptionally unique wines for the exceptionally unique Dad in your life. Celebrate Father’s Day by raising a glass to the man who raised you. Feel free to browse our collection of the best wine quotes of all time if you need a little inspiration for a toast! Don’t wait until the last minute and find your Dad’s new favorite wine by shopping our collection today.

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